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The Reliable Money Lending Companies Of Singapore

It is most essential that you know about the lending companies before contracting with any of them. You should keep your options clear. Being a known borrower you can avoid a lot of probable harassment. You not only should know about trustworthy money lending companies but also about the rate of interest applicable or the cape on it. This is vital so that people cannot fool you to contract high interest agreements unnecessarily and make you suffer later.

First option

Coming to money lending companies, the JR Credit is low interest licensed moneylender in Singapore. This is an authorized money lending organization. They provide financial help at quick pace to meet up urgent situations as well.  They provide payday loans, foreign loans, business loans etc. All their transactions are done with transparency and they keep their terms clear from well before. Their operations are directed by the Registry of Moneylenders Singapore. They keep decency in work and treat their customers with respect. It is their working to follow all laws and makes sure that every client is satisfied. Once you take their help you will be surely coming to only this company for future needs.

Second option

The IP Credit is the other reliable option in this business. This is ethical licensed moneylender in SingaporeThis company not only is committed to run a house with credulity but also is trustworthy and provides customer favorable terms. They have variety of packages and make every transaction in quickest time possible. They do not make unnecessary delays and cause inconvenience. Their website is well organized to permit easy search of details. If you still face any problem or have any query then their customer care providers shall deal with your issues patiently. You are assured to get friendly assistance and warm welcome.

The rate of interest

Previously, for loans that were contracted between 1st June 2012 and 30th September 2015, interest rate depended upon the annual income of the borrower for any type of loans. If the borrower’s income was less than $30000 the rate was capped at 13% for secured loans and 20% on unsecured loans. In case the borrower’s income is $30000 or more then the interest is decided accordingly. After 1st October 2015 all loan interest were capped at 4% without any exception. You can read more about moneylender interest online.

Hire The Best Company To Ship Your Vehicle

Cars are an expensive commodity to have. Some take it as necessity and some as luxury and there are people for whom cars are fascinating. In some way or the other cars are involved in our daily lives. There can be a lot of reasons for you to hire an auto transportation company. Cars are movable in nature but driving it to long distance across cities can be troublesome. You can need it to be shifted to your new home across the country, drive it to a location of your car show which is quite away from the place you live, flaunt it in your pictures on your holiday while you are travelling by air to the destination etc. The reason is not important. The importance is about getting what you want.

Who can transport your car?

There are many companies which have car transportation services. Each of them has a lucrative deal to offer but you need to know whom to trust. Not all are eligible to take perfect care of your beloved car. You can take suggestions from your family and friends who have hired such services in the past and get some suggestions. The Haul Cars is one such company which is capable of meeting up your needs.

They can transport your car by loading it on a truck from one place to another, travelling long distances. You can be sure that your vehicle is in safe hands and will not face any damage. Damage to the vehicle while transportation is common and often people find their favorites in a condition favorable for the junkyard. The Haul Cars assures that you will not face such situation in future. They will treat your car as their own and take adequate care.

Hire anytime

You can avail their service anytime you want. Call them to discuss about your plans beforehand. Even if you cancel the transportation they guarantee 100% money back. They are like a trusted friend you need. You car will be shipped under best protective conditions and insured.