Recondition Batteries

Reconditioning Your Old Car Battery Is Simple Now

Many people will throw away the battery as soon as it stops functioning or stops charging or recharging. Doing this will become the waste of money, hence to save money we can do reconditioning. It not only save money also you will get 100% battery functioning. Instead of going for new battery which you cost more money you can recondition your battery cost less money and save more money.

Batteries are used in running motors and electronic devices to give electric supply. Cars are one among where the batteries are used mostly. Car batteries are important components of car. Reconditioning car batteries give you back 70% power backup of original battery functions.

If you own cars then you will know more details about car and its components. Among cars hybrid cars are the best one and have electric motor and battery has two main components. Batteries are not replaced if it warranty period are expired.

If you are in need to buy new battery then it will cost you more money. It cost more than $3000 so better solution is to get reconditioning through which you can save more money. Steps Need To Follow To Recondition Your Car Battery andHow To Recondition Batteries

  • Once you removed battery remove the rubber which is used to protect the caps. There are 6 to 7 caps available in some batteries and some lesser than that. The caps are also should be removed and it is required to remove all the caps.
  • Pour the distilled water to fill over and charge the battery for an hour until you see bubbles. One thing you should not forget that the holes should not be closed.
  • If no bubbles are appears on holes reverse the connections between positive and negative, now you can see bubbles on the holes. And again recharge the battery for 30 minutes more with the correct position.
  • Sometimes there may be problem in acid in the battery so you should replace it with new content. You can done it by mixing acid with distilled water and pour it along with water.
  • Then allow the battery to recharge for few hours. After recharging it will work like a new battery and can withstand for a long time.

Drop your idea to replace your old car battery just know how to recondition the car battery. Just know the steps mentioned above.