Perfect batteries for electric vehicles

The heart of an electric car, that’s its battery. But where does it actually come from – and which technology is behind it? We explain everything important.

You will find out the same:

And the strategy consulting firm Deloitte expects the market volume for batteries and fuel cells in The country, China, North America and Mexico alone to grow from 5.5 billion euros today to more than 81 billion euros by 2025. Now, regarding these matters you will be having the best chances when you will know about Kinsbursky Brothers Inc.

And yet surprisingly little is known about the battery. We want to change that – and answer the most important questions about the battery in the electric car.

Can the lifetime of batteries be predicted?

So far, can hardly make a reliable statement about the life of batteries in electric cars. This is due to the lack of experience with the battery technology, which is also in constant change. But even the individual handling of energy storage is a big unknown.

A company wants to solve the problem and finally provide the users of electric cars with a little more certainty. The start-up worked for four years on a software that is responsible for calculating the remaining life. The basis is a digital version of the respective battery in the cloud.

Where does the country stand in the production of batteries for electric cars?

CATL is also aiming for an expansion towards The country. The largest battery producer in China is currently planning to build a battery cell manufacturing facility in Erfurt. When exactly batteries will be built for electric cars in Thuringia is currently (as of mid-June) but not fixed. The Central German Federal State is already investing more in electro mobility in several areas.

German companies participate in lithium mining

The chemical element lithium is the basis for modern batteries. The substance is used in many areas, such as in the smartphone, in cameras and in the car. Leading countries in the promotion include Chile, Australia and China.

However, the biggest reserves are in another country: Bolivia. There, according to an estimate from March 2018, there are about 9 million tons of valuable material. In the coming years, companies from all over the world are planning the dismantling. Also included is The country.

A consortium consisting of the companies ACI Systems and K-Utec cooperates with the Bolivian state-owned YBL. The partnership should be of economic benefit to both countries. For further processing, a factory is planned on site. The could then supply automotive companies. So far, they source their batteries from different sources.

Conclusion Manufacturer: The heart of an electric car, the battery – he is currently from Asia. Manufacturers from Japan, China and South Korea divide the market among themselves. But in 2019 there could be a battery production in The country again.

Conclusion Technology: The technology of the batteries of electric cars depends on scarce raw materials such as cobalt. For sustainable battery production, recycling old electric cars and researching new battery technologies is essential. The range of electric cars will continue to increase thanks to these new technologies.

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