Should I choose a new or used car?

There can be many reasons for buying a car: from vital necessity to an extravagant whim. A lot of people associate owing a car with freedom and life success. Still, there is hardly a person who wouldn’t like to save money when purchasing a vehicle, be it a comfortable family minivan or a high-speed luxury cope. So, one of the first dilemmas you face while choosing a car is whether to buy new or used one. The following are the advantages of both the ways to help you find the right car for your needs and budget.

Buying new

• For many people the fact that a thing has never been used by anyone else is a primary advantage. A new car has a clean history and you are its only owner.

• A new car has the best warranty from the manufacturer, which insures all your consumer rights.

• Technologies are constantly developing. If you are a fan of modern-day innovations, buying a new car you get the latest tech compliment such as multimedia and navigation.

• New cars are usually featured with high fuel efficiency, which helps to save both your money and the environment, because modern cars tend to consume less fuel while producing less emission.

• If you are going to buy a family vehicle, you are likely to care about the safety of your car. There are many safety appliances that are obligatory on modern cars. Tools such as tire pressure control, side curtain airbags and other monitoring systems are available in the majority of modern cars.

• Some manufacturers provide a period of free regular maintenance. Still, the price of such cars is usually so high that it already includes this option.

Buying used

• Price difference is a strong reason that makes millions of people turn to used cars. Purchasing a used auto saves you literally thousands of dollars. Though such deals require double attention and searching skills, you can choose from much better cars than you could actually afford if buying new. Thus a young guy can show off driving sport looking Mitsubishi Lancer without spending all his money on it.

• Due to the depreciation any bought car loses its price the moment it leaves the showroom. During the first year some models become more than 40% cheaper. That’s why you can buy an almost new car for much less money. For example, both the modifications of Chevrolet Camaro can be found for quite tolerable price.

• Used cars require lower insurance rates and this is another price bonus.

• There are a lot of models that are out of production any more. But all of them are available among used cars. After a deep search you may find the right car with the option package you need. And even fans of old-school vehicles can find rare vintage models for their collection.

• Buying old worn cars and then replacing the components for modern powerful ones is a kind of a hobby for many auto enthusiasts.

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