What is clearance in the car?

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The distance between the road surface and the fact that, in a car, what can be hooked on it is often an important criterion for the choice of transport. By the way, what is still remarkable, not rarely, in conversations about cars, owners are measured by the ground clearance of their iron horses, speaking from who has more.

Clearance – the distance from the road to the lowest point in the car. But some manufacturers, for greater commercial success, give the distance from the engine pan, forgetting that the resonator of the exhaust system, for example, may be lower.

There was a real case when one European car manufacturer indicated a very small figure in all sources and descriptions of the model, which scared off potential buyers at the stage of studying the machine performance characteristics. When the dealers decided to understand the situation, it turned out that there was no mistake. But the manufacturer measured the clearance when the car was fully loaded. That is, when there are five people in the car, and in the trunk is the maximum allowable weight of the load. Naturally, the car “sits on the belly” with such calculations. It turned out a very small clearance, at the level of sports cars with lowered suspension, which had a negative impact on sales. This error was corrected only when the dealers asked the manufacturer to re-measure and indicate other data so as not to scare potential buyers.

What advice can I give, so as not to make a mistake when buying?

Buy a new car in the showroom, do not hesitate and just sit down, lean over, look under the bottom of the car. No one asks you to climb with the ruler under the car, but the eyes do not deceive. It is easy to see all the protruding elements under the bottom of the car, how low the crankcase protection from the ground (if the car has it), how high the vulnerable suspension and chassis elements are located. And after to compare what he saw with the figure in the characteristics of the car.

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